Industry-leading craftsmanship & reliability

STT-15 Rifles

Industry-leading craftsmanship & reliability

STT-15 Rifles

The Original Ambi AR-15 Receiver

San Tan Tactical (STT) was founded in 2014 to provide the first ambidextrous AR-15 receiver set. The full suite of ambidextrous controls comes standard on all Pillar AMBI receiver sets and lowers and allows for standard manual of arms from both the right- and left-handed operation of the weapon.

"Shake Test" Certified

The heart of our rifles is the flagship Pillar billet receiver set. Made of 7075 T6 aerospace grade aluminum, our Pillar receiver includes full suite of ambidextrous controls including bolt and magazine releases. These tight tolerance sets have zero play between upper and lower. Barrels are thermal fit to the receiver during assembly, allowing for sub-MOA accuracy (with match ammunition) out of the box.

Three Options.

One lifetime warranty.

All San Tan Tactical STT-15 and 6ARC rifles are engineered from the ground up with one thing in mind. Reliability. Every part of the rifle has been thoughtfully curated to work in concert to deliver an attractive workhorse. 


STT-15 | AR-15

San Tan Tactical’s STT15 5.56 AR15 Rifle is built with our true matched, hand finished pillar billet sets.  The STT15 lower is fully ambidextrous and has three QD attachment points.


STT-15 | 6ARC

San Tan Tactical®, Hornady Mfg® and Proof Research® have partnered up on the San Tan new 6ARC rifles. Featuring our signature STT-15 receiver set for unmatched reliability and performance

Patrol Series Rifle 16.5"

STT-15 | AR-15

Patrol Series

The Patrol Series of rifles rebirths the San Tan Tactical production rifle line. Our focus for the last two years has been to strip our whole line down to individual components and rebuild a new fighting rifle, built from the ground up with the best components available. While the rifle bears the name Patrol, this rifle is for every freedom-loving American from the law enforcement officer on the street to the discerning self-defense practitioner.

Founded for function

Since the very beginning, San Tan Tactical’s mission has been to surpass the expectations of quality, fit and finish, durability, and industry leading customer service. Our manufacturing and design team leverages 34 years of aerospace/defense manufacturing experience to produce the highest quality products.