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Mission Statement

At San Tan Tactical we want to leave a proud legacy of American Made firearm design. By innovation, superior performance, and value. American Made, through and through is the core value at San Tan Tactical. San Tan Tactical wants each and every shooter to be completely satisfied! Giving them absolute pride of ownership in each product we design and manufacture.

Our formula for success is simple-

San Tan Tactical believes in America, and the heritage upon which this great nation was built! We are a company owned and operated by American’s for American’s! We only utilize the finest quality American Made machine’s in conjunction with the highest quality American made materials. At San Tan Tactical we pride ourselves to give unparalleled customer service by, listening, understanding, and quickly satisfying our shooters needs, desires and/or concerns.

San Tan Tactical will never forget that our future success depends on the legacy of our past. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied!

The STT-15 is not just another AR-15 \ M4, it is your final answer. As south paw shooters ourselves, we understand the struggle you face. The STT-15 has been born out of necessity for a truly 100% ambidextrous rifle.

Prior to the development of the STT-15 the only option for left-handed (South Paw) shooters was to either adapt to a right handed platform or purchase costly add-on accessories. It has always been difficult and frustrating to try and find the right combination of accessories to allow the weapon to be manipulated accurately, quickly, and correctly. Even with hundreds of dollars in additions the fit and feel of the rifle was never quite right. When STT designed this receiver we wanted it to not only accommodate left handed shooters, but to accommodate right handed operators equally as well.

The answer was obvious; we needed an AR platform that would meld its operation to every shooter no matter the situation or demands and without the addition of hundreds of dollars in additional accessories. This firearm had to be 100% out of the box. No shortcomings or additional equipment would be acceptable. STT put countless hours into combining a set of features that not only achieved those requirements, but worked with the plethora of magazines, upper receivers, Mil-Spec components and, aftermarket parts available today.






San Tan Tactical will never compromise on the goal of 100% ambidextrous operation for less features or faster production, cheaper materials. The STT-15 takes over twice as long to manufacture as a standard mil-spec receiver. We only use the strongest American raw material to create your new rifle!

The STT-15 begins as a billet of 7075-T651 aerospace grade aluminum. This gave us the blank canvas we needed to create the ultimate lower receiver. Thru the use of modern 3D CAD systems we were able to model in all of the features that had to be incorporated into this lower. This was quite the undertaking as to modify or change a rifle that is proven reliable thru years of service and has the support that this rifle has. We had to be very careful not to interfere with the current platforms design.

With the STT-15 you can attach a Single point sling on either side of the receiver thanks to the dual integral QD sling attachment points. No more knotted up slings here. There are anti-rotation stops every 45 degrees so you choose where you want your sling, not gravity.

We incorporated both an ambidextrous magazine release and an ambidextrous bolt release. These two features allow you to change magazines or malfunction clearing with either hand. The parts required to make this operation possible are some of the most critical in your rifle. Staying true to STT’s no compromise style, thebolt batch and release arm as well as the magazine catch and release arm are made from A-2 Tool Steel. The same material your bolt carrier is made from!

The next item on the list to be enhanced was the texture of the grip surfaces on the controls. Since the small parts would be CNC machined directly from one piece of A-2 tool steel the standard texture would not be sufficient. For shooters wearing gloves it is often difficult to retain dexterity and non-slip grip on the controls. We designed a beehive honeycomb texture that will allow you to accurately operate your rifle in all conditions with positive control. On top of greatly improving the operators control it also looks great!

On the right side of the lower you will notice a shooter ready finger rest. With the ambidextrous magazine release it provides the southpaw shooters a great place to safely rest their finger. We couldn’t leave out the right handed operators, so we made a rest for them as well. No matter how you hold this rifle you will find there is a place for everything and ergonomics were not forgotten regardless of your style!

To top it off, STT created the platforms widest magazine well flare. This flare is over 1.38 inches wide! We took the flair out as far as we could while still being able to accommodate all magazines including the large drum magazines & Surefire high capacity magazines. The huge width of the flare allows high speed and high stress mag changes with ease!

San Tan Tactical developed this no compromise, lower to accommodate any situation, handing, or shooting style. All while staying true to the original Stoner platform. The STT-15 is the 21st century version of America’s perfect weapons system!