The Hunt is On

Shop our limited edition Cryptid Collection and start hunting for the perfect t-shirt, coffee mug, sticker or patch to add to your collection. From werewolves to Cthulhus, join San Tan Tactical in defending against the unknown and collect your favorite creature…or all.

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The Wear-wolf

The werewolf is a mythological animal and the subject of many stories throughout the world—and more than a few nightmares. According to some legends, people who morph into vicious, powerful wolves and others are a mutant combination of human and wolf. But all are bloodthirsty beasts.

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Armed to the Tentacles

Cthulhu is a monstrous being that rose from the ocean and re-formed after a boat crashed into it. With just a single glance at the creature, a person can be driven insane. And, if that weren’t enough, they also possess psychic abilities and communicate telepathically.

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Fear No Flesheater

The Wendigo is human in origin and becomes a monster through starvation-induced cannibalism or from possession by a spirit. This terrifying creature that appears in Algonquian Native American legend and devours human flesh to survive a harsh winter. But are they only a myth? Or are they really cannibalistic humanoids waiting in forests for their next victim?

Defenders of the Unknown

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Coffee Mug

Indulge in your morning coffee rituals with our Defenders of the Unknown coffee mug, adorned with intricate illustrations of the enigmatic werewolf.

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Sticker Pack

Show your allegiance to defend against the unknown with our limited edition Defenders of the Unknown sticker pack.

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Show your allegiance to defend against the unknown with our limited edition our Defenders of the Unknown patch. This PVC patch will look great on a bag, tac vest, or patch hat.


How does that Work?

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